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Since I was a small boy, I was always impacted by the expressive power of comic: their agile and versatile language achieves histories mix with the images creating an extraordinary narrative, full with elements and resources that feed the culture and the daily life. In my country (Colombia), comic has had few opportunities. The examples that are here are very few due to the diffusion of the cartoons and the video games. It is for that reason that I decided to study architecture while I had the comic like a hobby. With the step of time, I realized that comic is really a complete art that recaptures concepts of many disciplines and it can translate them in a single work: this it is the characteristic that has given it life every day and it has renovated its force. Nowadays there's digital comics made with the last technology that according to Frank Miller are "the future of the comics", but in essence they are the same comic books of the stores. Then, the future of the comic is far from the paper; it is a communication tool that transforms and adapts to the new times and the state of the current art, transforming it into one of the most important communication forms integrated to the art in the contemporary world. In this time, where all the artistic expressions are distorted and some are replied on other, where the copyrights are run over by internet and the essence of the art like human manifesto decreases to a commercial of MTV, I have got faith in this artistic form, and is the same faith that I have in front of the recovery of the spirit of the art in general.

aditional services

Some of my services as a freelence in Design & Architecture.

Design Consultant

Customer assistance in architectural design. Personalized service in home plans & visualization.


Game development. Graphic concept and multi-platform programming.View Sample.

2D & 3D Animation

Design and animation for video, cartoons and multimedia.View Sample.

Graphic Novels

Digital design and authoring of graphic novels.Pencils, inks and color separation.

E-learning Design

Development of e-learning. Process analysis and design of multimedia animation.View Sample.

Online Support

As a freelancer I can offer you several options to communicate and maintain a permanent feedback via mail, web, FTTP, or skype.

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  • Jorge Enrique Perez Bucheli (Bogota-Colombia)
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