Jorge Perez Bucheli

Author of Blasted Souls

Since I was a child, I was always impressed by the expressive power of comics: the agile and versatile language that it uses to mix images and stories creating an extraordinary narrative, full of elements and resources that feed on culture and daily life. That’s why over time, I realized that the comic is really a complete art form which incorporates concepts from many disciplines and can be translated into a single work: this is the feature that has given it life and has renewed it’s strength. Today’s digital comics are made ??with the latest technology, which according to Frank Miller are “the future of the ninth art”, but in essence are the same comics of the book stores. So the future of comics is far from the paper: it is a communication tool that transforms and adapts to changing times and the current state of art, making it one of the most important forms of communication integrated into the art of the contemporary world . At this time, where many artistic expressions are replicated on other, where copyright are hit by internet and the essence of art as a manifesto of man is reduced to a MTV commercial, comics emerged as a mediator between art and the masses.